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Noah’s Ark Pet™ CBD Pet Health Formula


Our Noah’s Ark Pet™ Health Formula contains 150/300/1200mg CBD plus terpenes for a whole-plant entourage effect. Apply precise dosages for your furry friends with a 1-milliliter dropper.

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Noah’s Ark Pet CBD

Weights: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz
CBD Hemp Extract: 150mg, 300mg, 1200mg
Ingredients: High-CBD Hemp Oil, MCT Coconut Oil

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Take care of your pets the way you take care of yourself (maybe with our Balance CBD tincture?) Our Noah’s Ark tincture contains only the bare essentials, which means your dogs, cats, and other critters can benefit from CBD without the risk of other additives. We’re hearing more and more stories from our customers about the way they’re using this product, and the benefits their furry family members are benefitting from it. Animals have an Endocannabinoid system, just like people do, so they can make use of all the goodness CBD has to offer.

Unlike many other CBD products on the market, we don’t need to mask the flavor with fillers or artificial additives. Whether you choose to add this to your pet’s food or drop it in their mouth directly, they’re unlikely to even notice it! Perfect for finicky eaters.

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Weight 0.175 oz
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1/2 oz (150mg), 1 oz (300mg), 2 oz (1200mg)

1 review for Noah’s Ark Pet™ CBD Pet Health Formula

  1. Asheley Kapelewski (verified owner)

    We adopted a true rescue kitty, who has heart issues as well as PTSD from whatever happened to make him homeless. His age, and the distance to labs, etc, to work on his heart problems makes dragging him off on endless severely stressful rides counterproductive. We decided instead to work on his anxiety, which contributes to the other problems. Wow, what a difference. Calm, happy cat, with a good appetite. His quality of life is massively improved with a few drops of this extract in his food. It is totally flavorless, which is important if your animals, like mine, resist any herbal flavor adulterants added to their meals. Worth looking into to help your fur friends.

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