Our Story

Michele has had an interest in working with people and animals for most of her life. As a young girl, she discovered an intuitive ability for and interest in bodywork, healing processes and practices. Her first clients were her actual family members. Michele strives to empower others while helping them to acknowledge their own role in empowering themselves. Looking towards that ideal, she spent years searching for products that would enable her clients to establish and maintain the highest level of health possible.

When Michele and her husband discovered the many benefits of CBD products they came to realize that their dream of creating a heart-centered business was possible. From this passion to serve others, as a marriage between intention and product, Green Mountain Hemp Company LTD was born.

Below, a photo of our very first location in St. Albans, Vermont. We’ve grown a lot since then, but one thing hasn’t changed – we still work hard, every day, putting the best CBD products in our customers’ hands. Our story is neither dramatic nor fancy, but it is our story. And we’re looking forward to sharing future chapters with all of you.