Spa Bundle, Including Loufah


Everyone loves a trip to the spa. Relaxing, nurturing, healing: those are the thoughts that go along with “Spa”. Why only have thoughts, when you can your very own CBD Spa in the comfort of your home. Our CBD Spa Pack includes:



(1) Green Mountain Hemp Company CBD Bath Salts | Our bath salts are available in four blends: Breathe Ease, Relax, Tangerine Dream and The Gift. We combine a multitude of high-quality bath salts from around the world. Each blend has relaxing and healing properties, along with our CBD, blending numerous elements into one soothing bath experience. The ultimate in pampering! | Bundle includes (1) 8-ounce jar

(1) REVERSE CBD Massage Body Oil | REVERSE the aging process with this body and massage oil. It’s perfect for those who want to replenish and moisturize their skin while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol’s relaxing and potential pain-relieving qualities reduce the massage therapist’s workload while deepening the quality of the recipient’s massage. Great for all skin conditions and daily maintenance of the entire body. It is especially nice after a hot shower while pores are still open. Our Body and Massage Oil is a great way to start your day leaving a warming and uplifting experience. | Bundle includes (1) 8-ounce bottle

(1) SILK CBD Cream | We know how much you already love our SILK. And now we’ve made it even better with double the CBD to offer more relief at the same old price. Read on below for more information about what makes this product so special, and why so many people have come to make it part of their daily routine. | Bundle includes (1) 2-ounce jar


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